Management Services

Tired of dealing with tenants and managing your own rental properties? Don't be in the business of being a landlord! Instead, be in the business of being an investor and leave the tenant business to us! Our boutique brokerage offers a full service Property Management Division that handles all of your rental needs. Our services are offered a-la-carte, therefore you can contract with us for just the services that you need or turn everything over to our professionals to manage on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the monthly rent to hit your bank account. Welcome to the world of being a true investor and no longer being a landlord!

We not only help you evaluate the current rental market for pricing strategies, but also market the property, screen potential applicants and provide you with a polished report to make a sound decision on your next tenant. We manage the entire process including monthly rent collection, maintenance calls, late fee processing, eviction filing, eviction court appearances, garnishments, writs of possession and even getting the property ready for the next tenant. Not to mention we provide year end accounting summaries and 1099 reporting. Remember all of these services are offered on an a-la-carte basis!

We take pride in our tenant placement services and are very particular of the tenants that we recommend, especially since we will be the ones collecting the rent and ultimately managing the property after the tenant has been placed. A more detailed list of our services can be found below. For additional information or to enlist our property management services, please call our office directly.

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