Auction Services

Auctions have been around for over a hundred years and are here to stay. At Floyd Realty Advisors, we offer accelerated marketing packages that enable individuals to sell their properties via auction. We mostly handle estate owned, foreclosure, distressed seller, virgin, unique and rural properties when conducting our auctions. However, we also offer auction services to charity events and business liquidation sales.

Real Estate Auctions are the wave of the future, as they provide the seller a guaranteed highest offer for the property or merchandise that they are attempting to sale via an exclusive accelerated marketing process. Most auctions take place, from start to finish, within a 45-60 day window; however, they can be done quicker and can also run slightly longer depending upon each individual situation.

An auction truly provides a seller with a fair market value of their property, both real and personal. When an auction is advertised and performed correctly, more times than not, the seller will actually receive an offer higher than anticipated due to the excitement and sense of urgency that an auction creates.

To find out more information about auctions or to obtain an assessment to help better determine if your property would be a good fit for an auction, please request a proposal using the form below.

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