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Jenn Alonso-Augustin

Photo of Jenn Alonso-Augustin
Associate Broker

Richard Bailey

Professional Designations:
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Service Areas:
Residential / Condominium
Investment P…

Photo of Richard Bailey
Real Estate Advisor

Steven Battle

Photo of Steven Battle
Real Estate Advisor

Jennifer Bethel-Carson

Jennifer Bethel-Carson has been an Educator for 25 years and an Interior Designer for 6 years. Prior to retiring from…

Photo of Jennifer Bethel-Carson
Real Estate Advisor

Jackson Cajulus

Photo of Jackson Cajulus
Associate Broker

Carole Carr

Carole Carr Bio

When it comes to caring, Carole Carr’s sensitivity towards her clients’ home journeys can be attri…

Photo of Carole Carr
Bilingual Real Estate Advisor

Julissa Castillo

Having the right real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with t…

Photo of Julissa Castillo
Bilingual Real Estate Advisor

Mariana Centurion

Photo of Mariana Centurion
Bilingual Real Estate Advisor

Pierre Centurion

Photo of Pierre Centurion
Real Estate Advisor

Prevella Clark

Fulton County is the wonderful place in metro Atlanta that real estate professional Prevella Clark calls home. Locate…

Photo of Prevella Clark
Real Estate Advisor

Ashley Coleman

Growing up in the heart of East Cobb and attending East Side, Dodgen and finishing up at Walton High School. I have b…

Photo of Ashley Coleman
Real Estate Advisor

Lisa DePriest

Photo of Lisa DePriest
Real Estate Advisor

Consuelo DuConge'

Consuelo has over 25 years in working directly with customers. After working for a fortune 500 company for 22 years, …

Photo of Consuelo DuConge'
Bilingual Real Estate Advisor

Manuela Edouard

Founder and CEO of Best Georgia Houses, Manuela Edouard utilizes technology intertwined with superior service to prod…

Photo of Manuela Edouard
Broker / Auctioneer

Allen A. Floyd

From day one as a licensed agent, Allen carefully studied the way his peers did business. Some techniques that he saw…

Photo of Allen A. Floyd
Office Manager

Cherri Frost

Photo of Cherri Frost
Real Estate Advisor

Keera S. Godfrey

The Atlanta market is hot! With over 17 years of real estate sales experience, Keera Godfrey serves her clients with …

Photo of Keera S. Godfrey
Real Estate Advisor

Courtney Gwyn

Photo of Courtney Gwyn
Real Estate Advisor

Renita Gwyn

Providing professional real estate services in Cobb, Douglas, Paulding and Fulton Counties. A real estate agent that…

Photo of Renita Gwyn
Real Estate Advisor

Alice Hamilton

Alice Hamilton is your Real Estate Agent who cares.

Photo of Alice Hamilton
Real Estate Advisor

Debra Harper

Photo of Debra Harper
Real Estate Advisor

Janna Heard

Hello there! I am a Professional Real Estate Advisor in the Metro Atlanta area. I am a born and raised 4th generation…

Photo of Janna Heard
Real Estate Advisor

Jeremy Heard

Photo of Jeremy Heard
Real Estate Advisor

William Hinton

Photo of William Hinton
Real Estate Advisor

Renee Jordan

Photo of Renee Jordan
Associate Broker

William Judson

William is a licensed broker that has been a real estate professional since 2001 in the state of Georgia. He is origi…

Photo of William Judson
Real Estate Advisor

Mike Karadeniz

Photo of Mike Karadeniz
Real Estate Advisor

Amy Knight

Photo of Amy Knight
Real Estate Advisor

Tony Leverett

As a family man who values integrity, I want to work smart for you. I look forward to connecting with you. Call me …

Photo of Tony Leverett
Real Estate Advisor

Michelle McClain

Photo of Michelle McClain
Real Estate Advisor

David Miller

Photo of David Miller
Bilingual Real Estate Advisor

Tamy Nguyen

Photo of Tamy Nguyen
Real Estate Advisor

Dharmi Patel

Photo of Dharmi Patel
Real Estate Advisor

Charlotte Ragsdale

Photo of Charlotte Ragsdale
Real Estate Advisor

Dianne Rasin

Dianne Rasin and her family relocated to metro Atlanta in 1993. She spent over twenty years as a professional in the …

Photo of Dianne Rasin
Real Estate Assistant

Steve Rasin

Photo of Steve Rasin
Real Estate Advisor

Leonard Remy

Photo of Leonard Remy
Real Estate Advisor

Rosalyn Shepherd

Rosalyn has held various executive level management positions for over 25 years with Fortune 500 and professional ser…

Photo of Rosalyn Shepherd
Real Estate Advisor

Cheryl Shiver

Hi, I am Cheryl Shiver. I was born and raised in Southern California. I have worked in the service industry for over …

Photo of Cheryl Shiver
Real Estate Advisor

Lynn Taylor

Photo of Lynn Taylor
Real Estate Advisor

Kenneth Thompson

Like you, Real Estate Advisor and Marketing Strategist Kenneth Thompson, knows the emotional unrest one experiences i…

Photo of Kenneth Thompson
Real Estate Advisor

Talecia Thompson

Talecia Thompson has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) Industry and ensuring that all cl…

Photo of Talecia Thompson
Bilingual Real Estate Advisor

Jake Tran

Photo of Jake Tran
Real Estate Advisor

Austin Tull

Photo of Austin Tull
Real Estate Advisor

Shelly Wilson

Photo of Shelly Wilson
Real Estate Advisor

Tammy Wingfield

Photo of Tammy Wingfield
Real Estate Advisor

Tracy Woods

Photo of Tracy Woods

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